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...drkipper's Enterprises, Ltd...

...dKEl / 1985-2008 / Mayhem Endures...

drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues...
22 August 1966
I ascribe to OPTIMISTIC Nihlism...I know things will get better; but ultimately, nothing matters!
I adore sarcasm, wit, humor & stay absurdly happy. I live on Galveston Island; off the coast of Texas.

If he who knows he has enough is rich; then I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams!!

"We are never bored because we are never boring." - Zelda Fitzgerald

Sometimes in a theatre, I am the only one who laughs. Humor is everywhere! I can laugh at anyone...especially myself!

I am a big fan of multiple contractions: ya'll'll've probably heard most in conversations...I love them.

dKEl - dr Kipper's Enterprises, Ltd

Unless otherwise expressly noted, this journal, its content (including text, photographs, and any other original works, especially comedic &/or psychotic rants),and content on links in this journal owned by same is © Copyright 1966-2009 Kevin S./dKEl/drkipper, and is licensed under a Creative Commons License. All other works owned by their respective creators so I don't care what you do with them. Click the button below for license terms.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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