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  I know...but it's exciting to me because I designed the deck. They have to come back Monday to clean up & put in the pickets along the rails...and that should finish it up...finally! 11 working days is a long time, but the deck is 20x40 + 4 mini decks & 3 sets of stairs & rails. BTW here are 2 pages of how the house used to look 28A 28B It's come a long way.

Here is the original pool...when I bought it...with old concrete cap & bad tile.

The 1970's jacuzzi with 4 jets became the firepit & sunbed.

Same view Old above & New below. There was a very weird opening, so extra rails were always in the way. I also got rid of the "bubble-wrap" pool cover machine seen at the far end...it didn't work, it was ugly & took up room.

This is what was finally fixed for good. You had to look through 3 sets of rails to see the lake. Now you look through none. The deck near the doors was too small to do anything & took up a lot of room. The weird walkway was a dumb design that added extra rails...and the brown? ugh.

There will be a rail that runs right below the pool cap that will be painted white, and the pool itself might be stained gray...or I might leave it rustic...I am also contemplating a bench, artwork, lattice, and other stuff for the space.

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