drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues... (dr_kipper) wrote,
drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues...

...almost home...

The guys put up the address I bought a month before the storm. I took these pics during the past few weeks of final construction. Everything is still not finished, but enough is finally done that I can move home and stay there TONIGHT!

This room has changed the most. 2 walls are paneled with bamboo, the floor was raised 6 inches & the sliding door removed...it's part of the house now...but I have more to do to it.

I am still waiting on the new dishwasher (Jan 24th) & Wine chiller (?) but all other appliances are in and working. All cabinets up & down were refinished.

I love the floors. The living room furniture is in now but I have no pics of it yet.

The sunscreen over the top in the atrium has been reattached even though it's hanging in this photo. The atrium needs cleaning & I think I will have it tiled.

My favorite new appliances so far!

I am still waiting on bathroom vanities & then the marble tops for those. I have the fixtures. The antiques are still being refinished & will be delivered when done. I have to get mattresses & guest room "furniture", but the beds are there. I got 2 new super-toilets installed...American Standard Champion 4 (watch that video to see why!!!) Once I am settled, 4 new replacement windows will be installed and then I will start on the outside sliding doors...I have to find the right ones. Then come spring, the whole deck has to be redone as well as the pool equipment... This whole process will have set me back about a year and cost a fortune. Thank GAWDS for insurance which covers most of it all.

But I move home tonight, 4 months and 1 day after Ike hit.

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