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...rebuilding update...

Pics from today. The fridge is in, beds get delivered Jan 2, A new TV Jan 3, Living room furniture on Jan 6. I now need to get a new dishwasher. We thought this one worked because it would turn on...we were wrong. It has to be replaced.

I used the bamboo flooring on the wall in the kitchen area, and as the facing of the door opening. I am really happy with the new tile in the kitchen, as well as the lack of the sliding door here & the raised floor in the raintrium.

The bamboo wall matches the backsplash and the bamboo on the ceiling in the kitchen.

The backsplash is seen here. I hated losing the wallpaper, but figured that a chair rail at the same height as the one on the adjacent bamboo wall ties it all together. Walls with wallpaper are part of the kitchen, bamboo walls are part of the breakfast room.

I really hate to lose this dishwasher...I loved it. All the cabinet doors still need to be repainted bright white and the wood of the cabinets needs to be reoiled, THEN I can get all the stuff off the counters!

The spot to the right of the pantry door is where the wine chiller goes. I found a dual temp 75 bottle chiller to replace the 2 50 bottle ones. The washer & dryer go in the room through the door to the left of the pantry.

The bamboo walls frame the entry to the raintrium pretty well.

The new fridge is like the old one except the sides are grey instead of black...which makes all kinds of sense.

I love the details where the tile meets the bamboo. Of course, it could just be that things are getting back to normal and looking bright & clean.

All the trim work is painted in the hallways. The cat really loves all the changes.

The living room is mostly done as well.

Master bedroom. The steps on the spiral will end up being fashioned out of bamboo.

Master closet. I was able to save a lot of the casework in here as well.

The floor guy worked great details like no transom between the master & livingroom. I REALLY believe I will be sleeping in my house on the night of Janurary 6th....1 WEEK!!!!!

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