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...tile & bamboo floors...

It seems slow going to me, but I guess the house is going together pretty fast when I compare it to other houses I have seen. The tile is in and grouted & the bamboo floors have been started as of today. The SBA also decided to NOT loan me money. They decided that I would be better served by a FEMA grant than an SBA loan. I like the sound of that. Grants don't get paid back. The SBA adjuster decided that my losses were 121,000 in structural damages and 58,000 in personal property. A FEMA grant (or SBA loan) is for losses not covered by insurance. My insurance decided that my losses were substantially lower so I am therefore eligible for a FEMA grant for the difference, up to 50,000. That money would cover things like the pool equipment, generator, landscaping, pool cleanup, deck repair, bulkhead repair, fence & window replacement & other out of pocket things I have already paid that flood insurance doesn't cover. I retained, then lost, a public adjuster since they thought my losses weren't profitable enough for them to pursue. So I am back to fighting the insurance company myself.

The sunroom becoming part of the kitchen is so exciting to me. I lucked out on the tile! I got a real bargain. The grout looks dark but is drying to the lightest of greys.

This pic is pretty accurate for the tile...it's matte and kinda ordinary grey marbly tile. I wanted neutral & clean looking but not white.

I am glad I was talked into changing out the tile in the guest bathroom. Now I have to get the walls finished, find a vanity, and buy one of those special toilets that will flush 23 golfballs at once...since I have to put one in anyway. This entire bathroom will have been changed out!!

This floor is glued to itself and the dark grey epoxy that seals the concrete. It's darker than the first bamboo floor but looks amazing! I can't wait until I can move back. This is in the master bedroom.

I have ordered the master windows to be replaced. Also the ones in the 1st guest room. I could really only afford those 4 for right now. I needed to get these replaced so I could have an opening window here in the master...just so I could get out in case of fire and all. I don't have a working window on the main level of my master, just the small window up in the loft.

The epoxy costs almost as much as the bamboo! It works out to about 2.50 a sqft JUST to seal the concrete. It's pretty and shiny and then we cover it up. After awhile in the closed up house with the fumes...it also makes me not care WHAT the cost is!! This is the LR even after it's dry.
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