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I took this last week sometime when Jupiter, Venus & the moon (I think it was those three) were all really visible. There are now starting to be lights in the houses on the lake other than just ours!. I am still living in M&D's house which is why this pic has a different view of the lake than usual.

Last night it actually snowed here. Last time was Christmas Eve/Day 2004. It didn't stick last night. Today was beautiful and work is progressing pretty well now that insurance money has arrived and we have mostly completed M&D's homestead. Living here is comfortable & I will probably not be in my own home until right around New Years. My fridge will be delivered on Dec 27th, W&D on the 13th...but I still need floors. The bamboo has been delivered and it won't be ready to be glued down until curing in the house for at least a week.

The kitchen & hallway has been floated for tile, bedroom & bathroom doors are hung and trimmed out. I will be replacing the front door once I find one I want.


All walls are finished, all electrical plugs have been replaced. They didn't go under water, but I hated the old nasty ones & the ones that ended up with paint on them. Most plate/covers have been installed as well. Even some wall art has been rehung, mostly to get it off the floor & out of the way so work can continue. The antiques get picked up Friday, Dec12 to be refinished in Houston. I was so excited today...

The glass in both tubs finally got installed! You can also see the new fixtures. Just a few new marble adjustments tomorrow & this tub will be finished.  We let this worker out of the glass box once he finished...

The guest bathtub is completely finished!! The floor has been floated. I removed the original tile, on a suggestion. This bath will have the same tile as the hall, kitchen, sunroom & laundryroom. Still need a bit of work on the walls in here.

The "raintrium" floor has been filled in so it's the same level as the kitchen. The kitchen tile & the sliding door between the raintrium & kitchen is gone. I had the guys use some of the bamboo flooring to finish out the inside surfaces of the door opening. It looks nice & will look better with the trim put on.

There is still so much to do, but we have definite plans and fantastic forward movement continues.
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