drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues... (dr_kipper) wrote,
drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues...

...new plateau...

Mom & Dad & I moved to the house in Jamaica Beach last night. We have electricity but no hot water. This house suffered major damage to the ground floor & the boats, but the living quarters on houses on this end of the island are always on the second floor since there is no seawall. So the "house" did fine and the walls downstairs have mostly been rebuilt here since they aren't livable spaces.

We left my brother's family in League City that we had moved in with on the 20th. It was fun to have the whole family under one roof for almost a whole month, but my sister in law is almost ready to have my nephew and my mom decided she needed her nesting space for these last few weeks.  Now we are headed out to go eat and shop to make this place home for now!
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