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drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues...


Just to imagine more of the power of the water and surge...
The pole below is a 42 gauge steel 8 foot long pole attached on each end to steel girders. These form a boat lift. The surge was deep enough to pin the boat up under the deck 12 feet above and hold the boat against the pole and bend in as you see:

The boat below is what happens when this is done. I have no idea the physical force needed to bend the steel while the span is 6 feet between 2 steel girders! Surely some of my smarter friends understand the actual forces at work here.The closest we could come was a shitload.

There isn't a good photo of this, but I am told that you could actually see into the motor...it BROKE the actual motor and you can see INTO the "block" of the outboard.

When we had the boat removed we found:

Either a washer or dryer. NOT from the house that the boat is at. Since it isn't burned, I am pretty sure it's from our house next door. Also a huge window unit is next to it underwater.

These carpeted stairs do not belong to either of our homes. They don't appear to be burned, so they may not be from the three houses directly next to our 2 that burned to the ground...although we have LOTS of burned debris...


Both homes are within days of being habitable. The living areas were always OK. Utility hookups are almost complete & by Wednesday these 2 should be ready to live in. We are not replacing the room you see here. The wall to the left will be put back, but a rail will be at the forewall to complete an outdoor room. The entryway that was removed is complete and we may move into this house while M&D & my houses are rebuilt. It's time to get out of my brother's home...

Neal is running a huge crew on these 2 homes. We need them up & running so we can live in one & rent out the other. Once our personal homes are repaired (sheetrock & insulation starts tomorrow) we will get both rented out to FEMA adjusters, contractors, insurance adjusters or whomever...
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