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...28 lakeview remediation...

Finally the crews came by and took away some of the pile. They bobcatted away about 1/3 of my stuff and then we had to move the rest onto the the right of way. They can't come onto my property to remove the pile; the pile cannot be in the street. That leaves about a 4 foot area in which to stack all debris...LOL After they this load on 10/01, my guys & I were able to get everything into that 4 foot area. SO....if when the removal crews make another run, my pile should disappear.

The pool has been drained halfway & treated. Soon it will be cleaned better I am sure. The pumps turned on when my electricity came on. Since Insurance covers nothing on the pool this is good news. I will have to buy new pumps & a new heater (probably not). At least I can use these until they finally succumb to the saltwater. AND I have AC for now as well. Ins will be getting me a new outside AC unit & generator since they both went under water. The gen is just DEAD. The AC will work until it also dies. That weatherstation did just fine.

My flood insurance adjuster told me that I could rip out the tile & cabinets in both bathrooms. I will have to choose what to put back. All sheetrock is supposed to be removed from the floor to 4 ft up. The water was only 7 in deep so we removed 2 ft in most places. Ins will pay for 4 ft, but I will need all avail money! The guys doing my demo are also doing my sheetrock work, so no worries.

I think I will keep the sunken tub format, but the IA also told me that she was "giving me" so I can shop for new ones if I wish. The 2 I have are cast iron, and since the undersides & back areas were exposed to the water, I can have new ones.

The guest bath is ready for new everything. This shows that special plumbing. My cold water lines are blue, the hot ones are red. These don't burst & have no connections to move around studs or through tight areas beyond what is needed to add a run to another area... If they freeze, they can expand to 3 times their size without bursting & then return to normal.

The hallway in the guest side of the house. All doors, doorjambs, trim, sheetrock, bamboo floors...all gone. Then we spray with some mildew killer & bleach & wait.

Living room. Now this wall will be cut to 4 foot or maybe all sheetrock removed. I am having  opencell insulation blown in instead of regular fiberglass on all outside walls. This will make my house into an icechest of sorts and hopefully REALLY lower my electricity bills. To do that though, all sheetrock has to be removed.

Master bedroom. Same here. That outside wall will be insulated as well. I am excited to meet with the guy on Monday to find out how they can do it & the cost. I expect the cost to be about 5K to do the whole house & attic. My builder Neal retrofitted his 3K sqft home in MS and his electric bill in AUG was $150.00. IF I am going to do it, now would be the time!! When else will I have the sheetrock off the walls throughout the house?

The pile is still large. On Friday, the large appliance removal truck came through & got all the appliances from my street. Everything is done in some sort of order. There are paint & chemical removal crews, appliance removal, regular household debris, storm debris (limbs, logs, wood, grass, pilings, detritus, dead animals, etc.), and the normal city trash pickup that comes through to empty the cans that we should not put anything except normal "trash" in...lol

Iwill do a whole different post to show what my town now looks like...
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