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...drkipper's Enterprises, Ltd...


9/25/08 06:57 pm - ...bandaids...

My first day is over. All my stuff is by the curb.

Then we removed the bamboo flooring in all 3 bedrooms, the hall, and the living room. I saved all antiques to see what can be done to safe them.

The appliances were taped shut, the handles hammered off so it could fit out the doors and it was set in the street for removal.

The hall looks the same as it did 3 years ago when I started redoing the house. Tomorrow we start removing sheetrock.

All Mattresses, beds, furniture...I thought my pile of belongings would be bigger!

But it does cover from property line to tree to driveway & 8 feet tall.

I hated to lose my restonic mattress...but I am not sleeping on it after it being in the mildewey environment. 

So the first part was maybe the hardest & it really wasn't that hard to toss all this!! All this opens up shopping & planning avenues... I have 2 or 3 more days of demolition & then we bleach & clean & wait to rebuild.

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