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Tomorrow morning early, I head down to Galveston to begin removing all the items in my home and laying them curbside for a machine to scoop up into a trash trailer. There will be some items I can save. There will be some I will try to save & then may later have to throw out. Tomorrow will be the hardest day for my Mom. She'll be seeing her house for the first time tomorrow. The only loss she is mourning right now is her Thunderbird...it had less than 15K miles on it and was a 2003....her 60th birthday present. It's just a car, and she knows that...but it was one of those rare items that held great sentimental value to her beyond being "stuff." I have my items as well, and those will be the ones I will work my damnedest to save. I don't have many, and several are with me now. Hopefully we'll get power at my house today or tomorrow.

The office has power already. We don't have water, sewer, physical plumbing under the building, internet or phones...but at least the lights and AC are on!   Friday we are gonna try and run payroll and pay our employees as if nothing had happened. I am not sure how long we can do that without an income stream, but their lives are just as torn up as ours and I hurt for them as well. Our good friend & builder Neal is halfway here from Mississippi where he had moved to build Habitat for Humanity houses after Katrina (THOSE homes just started going in, btw.) So our office and my house & M&D's house & the 2 other properties (the ones REALLY torn up) will be started & worked on ASAP... Well, as ASAP as it can be when one is kept out of one's home for 13 days after a storm, and it sits in water & mold waiting. Insurance adjusters haven't even been in yet.

Since we were in limbo today, we took a family outing to the Bayou Safari Park. TONS of wild animals living on a refuge in Dickinson where they drive you through and you feed Eland, Emus, Zebras, Water Buffalos, Deer, Giraffe, Camels, Reindeer, Ostriches, Orix, Wallabys, and all sorts of other neat animals. My niece is 5 so it was a lot of fun. This IKEcation isn't one I would have planned, but being back in a tight knit family unit has been like one long Thanksgiving Dinner/Christmas Eve deal.
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