drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues... (dr_kipper) wrote,
drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues...

...ikedate saga again...

Yesterday we got moved to my brother's house in League City. He has electricity. I now have a Verizon broadband aircard so no matter who or where we get moved to, I don't have to keep trying to redo the wireless connection. Also I have a new PC TV card so when we get back I can get news even if the cable is out. The room I am in was painted the day we arrived for use as my new nephew's nursery...he won't need it until sometime in November. I have a blowup bed and bought a sheetset today. There is a great fishtank and chuy is adjusting pretty well.

We didn't make it to the island today. Now we will try Monday. I am at peace with whatever I will find. If I got 6 in of water that means new sheetrock at least halfway up & flooring, new fridge, freezer, wine chillers, wii, ps3, couch, bed, almost all furniture, maybe new kitchen & bathroom cabinets, all new clothes, a loss of many books. Anything that was near the floor has to be thrown out when hit with that type of floodwater. All cloth in the house after this long will be mildewed & unsavagable. It's a chance for a huge new start with many new items...again.

25 years ago, I had a similar re-boot with Hurricane Alicia. 25 years ago I learned that stuff is just stuff. This will be much easier. Pictures are on saved computers, lessons learned are remembered.

Mom & Dad had to leave 2 cars & lost both. Todd & Dad's boats are both ruined. My pool & Dad's unfinished pools are trashed. We know all this without getting there yet. Insurance claims have been started & EVERYTHING was insured. Dad is even excited with getting a new car & boat already.

We are all in high spirits - we are all together & safe!
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