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What a nice slow weekend. I love rainy weekends. Yesterday I got in the bloodwarm pool in a steady gentle rain. It was relaxing. The only sounds were the rain, me splashing, an occasional bird, and distant thunder.

It's raining even now..and we should have another two days of it. I am off today and am LOVING the steady lulling rain. During a break I went out and picked a grocery sack of ripe figs from the tree. I got very wet but the figs I just ate were almost over-ripe and as sweet as honey. I could only eat two...today. Iwill have to find new ways to use these because I have a lot of gorgeous figs. I went online & found out that some people merely freeze them whole like I freeze grapes.

The rest of today I will be splitting time between reading and napping in the raintrium and then watching the rain falling on the lake, while eating fresh warm figs and drinking home brewed iced tea.
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