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...kj66 got me started on E.B.s...

Entitlement Bitches or E.B.s for short are what we call them at work. Some call them Soccer Moms. It's all the same. Generation Y has become Generation Whine and I blame:

getting trophies even when they didn't win, because trying is the important part.

being able to run & scream, because he/she is expressing him/herself.

having mom & dad fight with the teachers when precious-poo got a bad grade & had the principal change it.

never having to have a job because m & d would rather precious-poo concentrate on their homework & emoness.

I blame society for raising a bunch of WHINERS when we thought we were raising winners. They have all been conditioned that they can't lose, they all get do-overs, and there is no real "last chance". IF something happens to them...it's someone else's fault...and the remedy is to sue.

I know them because I employ them, I sell & rent to them & I deal with them every day. They never hear the word "NO."

I am not now and will never be an E.B.


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