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...sign up for So you think you're a Sex Idol?...

Spinning off a previously friends only post,I want to produce a show called So you think you're a Sex Idol?

Who wants to audition?

All we'll need is your sexiest videos, stills, montages, performance art pieces, dance, artwork, visits of an erotic nature, etc...You choose the medium to convey your sexiness & convince us of your idolatry status...ANYTHING goes!

Um...and a disclaimer stating that you are over 18 (21 in some states or countries), consent to anything the judges wish to do to you, and allow the public to watch, participate, & win. open to all sexes, ages, and physical impairments or impalements  involving large phallic appendages. Please harm no spider monkeys (rhesus, OK if proper research documentation is forthcoming) in the submissions.

All submissions become the property of the head judge (moi) and head is appreciated but does not guarantee placement in finals.

So look at my icon and get working on those entries!

drkipper's Enterprises, Ltd...porn for YOUR life!



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