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Ok it is question time haha...taken from nick_xxx

I ask & answer so you do them now please...

How old are you? 40

When is yer birthday? August 22, 1966

What kind of music do you like? Almost everything. Dontcha hate when people say that? My current fave new Artist is Mika...sounds like Freddie Mercury. My buddy Jay Brannan is awesome as well. But old school 90's pop/rock/club; Razormaid; Webb Wilder; StevieRay Vaughan; Siouxsie; Queen; Scorpions; Rammstein; Vandals; SurfPunks; Cult; Ozzie; Black Flag; Ventures;

If you had to show me one 2 songs that made you realize that was the type of music you like what song would it be? Life by the Drop - Stevie Ray Vaughan
8:15 to nowhere - Vicious Pink

What is yer favorite food? Boiled & Fried Shrimp plus Coleslaw & fries!!

What are your thoughts on Valentines day? I love lovers, everyday...flowers for no reason & cards just because nobody told me too...candy when it's not asked for and sexy romance above all...not on JUST one day.

What city are you from? Galveston, off the coast of Texas...born in Midland; moved to & grown on the island; baptized in the Gulf and burned by the salty sun; brought up gay in the sandy dunes of drunken bonfires, weaned learning on str8boi surfer dicks. (great now I am all horny now...THANKS!!)

What is the coolest place you have been? My Dads bedside after he survived his stroke; My 40th birthday party; a 20 year old's bed while 40; London the second time...next too be determined...

Anything coming up that you are just majorly stoked about? Every tomorrow!

What is something funny you have either heard, saw, or read lately? I am alive!!? STILL!! YAY!!

Post a picture of yourself to go along with it My icon!

This is the one post I want everyone to respond to pleeeeease!

(Thanks Nick!)

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