March 22nd, 2007

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OK nobody panic.  Are we unpaniced? Good.

...I can FEEL the onset of an attack...another small one. I am not worried because I have my ungawdly expensive Meds and my thermometer. Should my temp reach 102 I am to call Dr. Robinson and begin my Levaquin. So far I have no REAL pain just discomfort & lots of trips to um... & temps between 100.3 and 101.

I just hate this ookie feeling.
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...about my nest houseboi Sanjaya...

Lotsa people are angry that Sanjaya remains. I maintain:

Reality TV knows - Controversy sells airtime.

IT's not a talent competition.
It's not a singing competition.
It's a vehicle with which to sell adtime!

You WE CARE that Sanjaya we watch... oooh Coke, Ford, etc!

They win!