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Comment to be added...You won't be sorry..well, you will likely BE sorry, for me.
You might laugh at me, near me or scream with mirth at my misadventures and just wickedweird judgement.
The voices in my head tell me to do odd things, trick me all the time, and lie to me...for example; recently telling me that the restrictions on running with scissors as well as waiting an hour after eating before swimming had both been lifted.

Voices are evil, yo...

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  I know...but it's exciting to me because I designed the deck. They have to come back Monday to clean up & put in the pickets along the rails...and that should finish it up...finally! 11 working days is a long time, but the deck is 20x40 + 4 mini decks & 3 sets of stairs & rails. BTW here are 2 pages of how the house used to look 28A 28B It's come a long way.

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...almost home...

The guys put up the address I bought a month before the storm. I took these pics during the past few weeks of final construction. Everything is still not finished, but enough is finally done that I can move home and stay there TONIGHT!

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...rebuilding update...

Pics from today. The fridge is in, beds get delivered Jan 2, A new TV Jan 3, Living room furniture on Jan 6. I now need to get a new dishwasher. We thought this one worked because it would turn on...we were wrong. It has to be replaced.

I used the bamboo flooring on the wall in the kitchen area, and as the facing of the door opening. I am really happy with the new tile in the kitchen, as well as the lack of the sliding door here & the raised floor in the raintrium.

The bamboo wall matches the backsplash and the bamboo on the ceiling in the kitchen. Collapse )
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...tile & bamboo floors...

It seems slow going to me, but I guess the house is going together pretty fast when I compare it to other houses I have seen. The tile is in and grouted & the bamboo floors have been started as of today. The SBA also decided to NOT loan me money. They decided that I would be better served by a FEMA grant than an SBA loan. I like the sound of that. Grants don't get paid back. The SBA adjuster decided that my losses were 121,000 in structural damages and 58,000 in personal property. A FEMA grant (or SBA loan) is for losses not covered by insurance. My insurance decided that my losses were substantially lower so I am therefore eligible for a FEMA grant for the difference, up to 50,000. That money would cover things like the pool equipment, generator, landscaping, pool cleanup, deck repair, bulkhead repair, fence & window replacement & other out of pocket things I have already paid that flood insurance doesn't cover. I retained, then lost, a public adjuster since they thought my losses weren't profitable enough for them to pursue. So I am back to fighting the insurance company myself.

The sunroom becoming part of the kitchen is so exciting to me. I lucked out on the tile! I got a real bargain. The grout looks dark but is drying to the lightest of greys.

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I took this last week sometime when Jupiter, Venus & the moon (I think it was those three) were all really visible. There are now starting to be lights in the houses on the lake other than just ours!. I am still living in M&D's house which is why this pic has a different view of the lake than usual.

Last night it actually snowed here. Last time was Christmas Eve/Day 2004. It didn't stick last night. Today was beautiful and work is progressing pretty well now that insurance money has arrived and we have mostly completed M&D's homestead. Living here is comfortable & I will probably not be in my own home until right around New Years. My fridge will be delivered on Dec 27th, W&D on the 13th...but I still need floors. The bamboo has been delivered and it won't be ready to be glued down until curing in the house for at least a week.
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...spray insulation...

All exterior walls were insulated to 4 foot yesterday.

We immediately started sheetrocking, taping, floating & texturing behind them. I think we will finish all rock work today and start with painting tomorrow.